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Designing reliable and secure cloud solutions

Cloud computing and cloud services are emerging as new solutions for many organizations seeking to reduce costs and increase productivity. It’s an exciting and challenging time for the services industry as more and more organizations move their applications and IT services to the cloud. When I speak to customers about cloud services, security, privacy and…
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March 12, 2014 0

AWS’s elastic database cloud thickens

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a series of updates to its expanding database services portfolio at its AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, reinforcing its ability to run multiple database workloads with elastic scale in the AWS cloud. While AWS offers a comprehensive menu of best-of-breed cloud services, Ovum would like to see a more…
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March 8, 2014 0

6 truths about data in the cloud

Big bets in cloud data management I’m not going to bore you with terms like “big data” and the capabilities of various strains of NoSQL databases. What I’d rather discuss is something that is changing drastically: how we store and access our data. As the cloud evolves beyond cheap infrastructure, the real innovation in 2014…
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March 7, 2014 0

Securing Mobile and Cloud is About Freeing Your Data

Embrace the diffuse perimeter and free your data Long ago, in a network far away, we took for granted where our data was: safely tucked away within our corporate network perimeter. We may have been concerned about Lefty in engineering finding a way to look at the HR files, but for the most part we…
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March 6, 2014 0

The Unexpected Benefits of Private Clouds

People quibble about what a compute cloud is or isn’t and whether that cloud is public or private. For our purposes, let’s call a cloud any computing service you use that’s not hosted on your premises. Let’s call it “private” if you either own or control that cloud. This includes your own servers hosted elsewhere…
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March 4, 2014 0