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Symantec chooses AWS as ‘strategic infrastructure provider’ for majority of cloud workloads

It may be holiday season in the US – but two companies who probably won’t be on the same Thanksgiving table are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. The two largest public cloud providers appear to have crossed paths again, this time over security giant Symantec. Late last night, AWS issued a missive announcing that…
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December 5, 2017 0

How to Build VM in OpenStack Cloud Using CLI

OpenStack VM Setup Using Command Line (i have tested below setup in RHEL6.4) How to upload OS image into Glance repo [root@desktop30 ~(keystone_admin)]# glance image-create   –copy-from   –is-public    true     –container-format     bare  –disk-format   iso    –name   bt5r3 Where : –copy-from :  location to get OS image from ( The same thing is done when using the STDIN…
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December 1, 2017 0

How Open Stack enhances operability of Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is getting more recognition as more and more businesses have identified its benefits. Businesses are using a private cloud for intensive calculations, complicated computation tasks and larger storage capacity. Cloud computing is secure yet easy to access for employees and customers. Open Stack is the newest bird in cloud computing which open-source software…
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October 1, 2017 0

What makes cloud computing different?

Most importantly, the service you use is provided by someone else and managed on your behalf. If you’re using Google Documents, you don’t have to worry about buying umpteen licenses for word-processing software or keeping them up-to-date. Nor do you have to worry about viruses that might affect your computer or about backing up the…
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January 6, 2017 0


MAKING INDIA, VIRTUAL READY – CLOUD !! WINTER INDUSTRY FOCUSED TRAINING 2016 – 2017 (Exclusively for our LinuxWorld Students only) ——————————————————————————— Completely Designed & Delivered by – Mr Vimal Daga – Inculcating Actual need of corporate (Use Cases) Utilise your Winter Vacations at right place under the right guidance of Mr. Vimal Daga Training Content…
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